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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
Or maybe you should have demoed your current mower, found it to be insufficient for your needs and bought the outlaw? Or why don't you trade the mower in and work with the dealer on a price? You can't blame this entirely on a dealer or manufacturer because you made a bad investment. Take some responsibility as a consumer and a professional businessman. How absurd it must look to potential customers seeing that mower on your trailer. I understand you are trying to stress a point but where do you draw the line and move on?
I say 99.9% of all customers wouldn't pay any attention to it, but I bet 99.9% of every Landscaper & Grounds Care guy will see it and pay attention. I know I look at every rig I pass, but before I went into business, I bet I passed 1,000s of rigs and never gave one any more than a casual glace.
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