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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
I've been in business a short 6 years so far.

at first I was absolutely loving it and jumping with joy. but there are days, weeks, sometimes even months where I'm kicking myself for leaving that other job.

on a whole though I still love it for the most part. the only thing I miss from my last job was it stayed at work. once my shift was over the rest of my day was mine. no invoicing, maintenance, phone calls, estimates, etc to tie me down.

it's funny I came across this thread because it just so happens I've been going through a month of kicking myself for getting into this business.
Well for me I look at it two different ways. One is that it would be a self employed job making just enough as my wife has a great job too. The other would be making it into a business and having employees. That doesn't happen overnight and has its own headaches. Truthfully I'd really love to find someone or two people to do the majority of the work and just take the cut of it as extra income and still have a full time career. Again not easy to do but it's how a friend of mine has it. I worked for him for years and now he's 15 years into having a full time job and part time biz where he still works but not nearly as much. Perfect scenario.
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