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So the problem is that you don't like waist straps because they make you look fat...ummm, OK, lol.

Yes I have worn and used a 770 as a demo at my dealer's shop. After I bought my Husky 580 I ran it side-by-side with a landscaper friend's crew who was running a BR600 and a 770 on a job next to mine, and it outperformed both of them by a fair margin. My friend's son asked to use my blower so we traded units. He was so impressed with it that he asked if he could keep for their next job up the road (it was getting late in the day and they wanted to "knock it out quickly") and I let him. He didn't want to give it back when I went to retrieve it from him on their job up the road! I have 3 witnesses to these facts.

I don't know how well the 770 performs in all situations, as I have not used it extensively, but I do KNOW that the 580 will blow winrows of leaves into the woods/shrubs way better than the Echo...that extra bit of power it has really makes a big difference for that kind of stuff. I also know that the operator of the 770 much preferred the 580 over their 770. He also reported that they were having trouble with the ignition kill switch, and they also had those problems with another Echo they had, a 755 I think. They just pull the spark plug wire. I don't know if this is a common problem with the Echo units.

Have you ever operated one of the big Husky blowers? Or did you just try it on and not like how your gut looked with it on?

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