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Changing website companies

I don't really like the guy or the company that built my website. They also host the website for the rest of this year into the spring of 2013. I was thinking of going with another company to host my site and renovate it as well.

Has anyone changed up their provider like this before? Im sure his rates are resonable but we are not seeing eye to eye at this point. When he built the site I sent him 4 links to other websites I really like. I told him I want my site to look similar in design to these.....and it never really got there.

What is a fair price to pay for a nice detailed website. For the heck of it something like brickman or truegreen landcare?

What should it cost to hose a site? What does hosting include? my guy does nothing all year until I tell him I want to change something then he bills me $75 an hr. And $200 a year to host.
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