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Originally Posted by unit28 View Post
As far as the cinch straps, they do more for stability than anything unles you keep er tight. The pack analogy was because it doesn't bear the load with the cinch. Having that on a blower doesn't fit the comfort level due to the FACT...that when you're blowing a full line of leaves you have to swing back and forth. That take out the equation of have a flex tube if you're cinched up. And the same reason a packed az has a cinch. He ain't walking an edge with a shifting pack. Me, I need to.

I wear a coat in the cooler months, and don't even notice the Echo's air cooler . Besides that it comes with a block off plate for cooler weather usage.

If the Husky were to be only used at leaf season you wouldn't notice the super thin straps when wearing a coat. And I doubt that cinch is going around me when I'm blowing snow with it.

I do like the business end of the Husky, said that already.

Me, I like the Husqvarna saws as well. Been running a 272 XP for many years. Husky has the best filtration system on a saw I've ran. It's dual ported too.
I actually loosened up my shoulder straps this morning after reading your comment that the "cinch strap" doesn't hold any weight and I could CLEARLY FEEL THE WEIGHT OF THE MACHINE ON MY HIPS/WAIST. But yes, I do keep it doesn't need to be tight, just snug, the same way shoulder straps should be snug. It does not limit my mobilty at all. Perhaps the harness system just does not work for you due to your ummmm...body type.

And why the hell do you need an air cooler if you're wearing a coat anyway? You make less sense the more you say!

I rest my case, lol.

To me, my decision came down to the EB802, the 770 and the 580 and I decided on the 580. I don't think you can go wrong with any of these machines. I didn't look at the 570 but that should probably have been on my list too.
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