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When he built the site I sent him 4 links to other websites I really like. I told him I want my site to look similar in design to these.....and it never really got there.

That's a shame, more than a bit odd, and without knowing more, gives me a surface impression that he oversold his abilities.

What is a fair price to pay for a nice detailed website. For the heck of it something like brickman or truegreen landcare?

Much like getting multiple quotes for a landscaping install, you're going to get a different answer from everyone on this. You'll hear "$10 a month for a GoDaddy site and you're gold!" to "$3,000 for a great one-off design and a certain length of direct involvement to get your site ranking where it should." and everything in between.

What should it cost to hose a site? What does hosting include?

Similar answer as the previous. Five to Whatever bucks, depending on service level. Hosting typically includes web mail, backups, the physical space, etc.
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