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Little Wonder leaf vac/shredder

im dreading leaf removal at a new place i got this year. i could probably suffer through it with my helper and use the old tarp method or i could buck up and spend the money on a leaf vac mounted to my dump trailer. The 14hp is $2,499. $249.00 for the truck mount, then tax and freight. id be right around $3,000 for that one. It has an 8'' hose. The 16hp, 10'' hose, with a few other differences is $2,999, and again $249 for truck mount, then include tax and frieght. probably be around $3500. Now sure which to buy? if the upgrade is worth the extra coin.

it sucks cause i really only need this for 1 commercial complex i have. the other commercial places its not really that needed although id use it if i had it. residentials are cheap and do themelves and leave em at the road all half @ssed like or would be easy enough i could get away with tarp method for the ones i got. town picks up leaves around here

im trying to justify this as a future investment as well with more commercial places in sight i would probably want one eventually. its just now i only got 1 place id really like to have it. very on the fence here.

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