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Originally Posted by unit28 View Post
It was Mr RG from the git...who said the air cooler, the air cooler,
the air cooler, .....will blow on you when it's cold out.
Me, I wear a coat when it gets cold out.. eh
Um, no ya don't bro.

You started bragging on the back pad of the Echo and its air cooling system in post #3, at which time I chimed in. At least try to keep the facts straight and be honest.

The 570 doesn't have a cinch strap at the hip like the 580. It simply has "ears" that stick out to each side, and they significantly help keep the machine located behind me instead of sliding around to the side while either bending down to pick up trash, or while swinging from side to side. The 570 does have the chest strap, and that makes it far more comfortable for long periods of use.
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