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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
No sale. You brought up the cooling system first plain and simple, then pointed how the back padding which includes the vent system was better than the Husky.

I simply refuted your nonsense with some facts, which include the fact that the Echo air cooling system is not so great to have in the fall. Sorry if facts are inconvenient for you bro.

Believe me, where I live, you have to wear a coat in the fall when the leaves are actually falling. I could still feel the effects of the Echo with my coat on. Any air that is cool or cold, and blows on your coat will eventually reach your back. Just another fact.
geta real coat then

If you say you can feel it during cooler weather with a coat on then it must be working really good which before you said it wouldn't compare to Husky.

Going on 4 seasons with mine and it does a heck of a job for snow .
Sidewalks 2" is a cake-walk. For roof tops I cleared 6" of snow no problem.

Been under freezing here already. And the air flow, well I can't, and have never felt it with my coat on.

This makes #4 ...right?
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