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Originally Posted by unit28 View Post
geta real coat then

If you say you can feel it during cooler weather with a coat on then it must be working really good which before you said it wouldn't compare to Husky.

Going on 4 seasons with mine and it does a heck of a job for snow .
Sidewalks 2" is a cake-walk. For roof tops I cleared 6" of snow no problem.

Been under freezing here already. And the air flow, well I can't, and have never felt it with my coat on.

This makes #4 ...right?
I only wear a coat that is as heavy as needed for the weather I'm out in. I didn't say that the Echo cooling system doesn't compare to the Husky's. I said it blows directly on you, and you don't always need that. I also said that the system on the Husky is better IMO because it doesn't blow directly on your back because it gets diffused out around the padding.

#4 what?
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