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Originally Posted by herler View Post
Yeah once again the property is so big I would be surprised if a crew of 8 could handle it all in one day a week, so the company you are in charge of probably needs to have a crew of near 100 or more, and if you're 14 you can't legally make the binding decisions anyhow, when it comes time to sign the contract they will want an adult, mostly because a contract signed by a minor is not legally binding.
The hospitals around here range from a small 80 bed to mid size 300ish beds. All of them are on a central campus with the main hospital and ranging from 3 to probably 15 separate buildings contained on campus.

I've never even thought about bidding on one due to the requirements, but I did waste a few hours a couple years back just going on a walk through just for giggles. Brickman, Athern, US Lawns were all there too. The smallest hospital a well equipped crew of 8 could knock it out easily in an afternoon. It was a lot of cut up medians and perimeter grassy areas, a couple 52" walk behind and 2 quick guys trimming could get all the parking areas, 2 guys blowing the immediate cutting areas and 2 more on general cleanup... not too bad.

The three larger hospitals would easily take a dedicated 8 man crew 2 days, and that would be pushing it.

The one thing I noticed on the contracts are that they all wanted cut on odd-ball times, nothing between 8am-6pm due to parking and foot traffic.
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