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bohiaa ... your point is well taken. However, "... for the little guy ..." implies that financial management, ease of getting invoices together, etc. is not very important.

I am solo, with about 45 accounts. That keeps me busy 60 hours per week, or thereabouts. Knowing who owes what, who has paid, banking statement reconciliation, managing credit cards, knowing where expenses flow, knowing what accounts are most profitable, ... all are important, whether one has 40, or 400 accounts.

I question the assertion of "many things to learn." Doesn't everybody come out of high school these days with basic financial management in their education? Doesn't everybody understand double-entry accounting? If these basics aren't understood, then the likelihood of being a successful business is very small. Somebody can make the straightest lines across the lawn, lay down the most distinct stripes, and drive their ZTR 15 mph, but if the financial understanding of the business isn't in place, failure cannot be far over the hill. Businesses usually don't fail because the owner got bored with the work.

If somebody does not want to be involved with the finances of a business, perhaps they would do themselves a favor and be an employee, drawing a regular paycheck. That is not meant to be harsh, unkind, or critical. That may be the reality, and the quicker it is realized, the better.

If the OP is having troubles, many here are willing to help. Or, he can find a QB Advisor from a list provided by Intuit. They are plentiful, and probably close at hand. A couple of one hour meetings with a knowledgeable person could be all that is needed.
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