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I hear so many people say don't do credit, I've bought one mower on credit and it is now paid for two seasons later and now I am buying another also on credit but with 0% financing, credit has it's place, if properly managed. In the beginning you have to preserve as much of your cash flow as possible, and if you have calls coming in everyday for work you have to be able to perform the work, customers aren't going to wait for you to save up enough money to buy that mower you need to be able to service their property, I wasn't going to wait to buy a commercial grade mower so I would be able to service 40+ properties every week when I had the work coming in to cover the cost of the mower and then some. Cash is fine, but credit makes things go faster, and I want to grow fast not at a snails pace.110 accounts can be had in one or two seasons if your marketing properly.
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