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Originally Posted by BPS## View Post
I might be a couple 1000 off not over 100,000.

Last winter I toured the factory, I believe they were approaching 225,000.
If I remember right.

From their website.

Walker Manufacturing currently has 18 US and 26 Export Distributors as well as over 1,100 dealers world-wide selling and servicing Walker Mowers.

Walker Mowers are distributed worldwide to over 28 countries. They can be seen on the lawns of castles in Europe, parks Down Under, international State Houses and a number of other exclusive properties throughout North America.

For some reason they have not updated their production numbers on their site since 08.

Called Walker tec support today. As of 10/2/12 they have produced 118,993models to date. You were only off by 106,007. According to tec support they build on average 15 mowers a day. At those numbers only working 260 days per year it will take only 27.18 years to catch up with your 225,000 number.
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