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Originally Posted by cclllc View Post
Is this this a design flaw?

Not likely, I don't recall replacing 3-4 in 6 years. I've got quite a few commercial guy's getting as many as 5 years out of hydro belts.

People seem to think since the belt has a spring tensioned idler they don't need adjusting, But that's wrong. The engine is moved back as the belt stretches to maintain 1 1/4" between the pulley and side frame rail, Or the idler arm kept in a straight up-down position. Make sure the idler arm mount screw and nyloc nut on the cross frame is NOT too tight which will cause improper belt tensioning.

Also, Any belt other than the factory 2006B42R or Carlisle B42R (RAW EDGE) will not last and cause issues.....

So, Check the condition of the belt and replace/adjust as needed and you should be good to go.

BTW, Ask the guy that's changing all these belts if he's installing OEM's or equivalent.....
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