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One other thing...

Most people who have never replaced an engine on an aging machine frequently think more power...
Granted when they think less it's usually a money issue...
And you want more for less, whichever the case may be it fails to take into account more relevant factors.

The machine was designed for a 20hp engine, and it was broken in and ran all these years with 20 horses going through the frame and all the related parts... These parts have worn and fatigued themselves in accordance to the whims and specs of that 20hp engine, more than likely more than a few of those parts simply will not tolerate more horsepower today and they will break, requiring you to perform frequent repairs.

Further more engines wear down, that 20hp Kawasaki was likely only putting out 18-19 actual hp's towards the end.
So you want to replace it with something in the range of 18-20 hp, which if you have 27hp Briggs money then you probably have enough for a 20hp Kawasaki but you're just not going to get better than new out of it, perhaps a good reminder why we should take care of our stuff but you can certainly get another 5-10 years of use from it, at about the same performance you were getting when the Kawasaki quit, which...

Change and check the oil and filter religiously.

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