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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I have had a number of different seeding situations this season,,, some of them were less than textbook perfect as far as how they were irrigated...
Nevertheless, I've gotten germination at a proper density with a handheld hose averaging once every other day or two...

This was a narrow strip that no sprinkler can possibly fit,,, so while I'm in the neighborhood I pick up the hose and spray down the oddly shaped spot by hand... for a normal, full service client, of course... after a couple of weeks of this routine I noticed yesterday that the seed had popped, and the last water it had gotten was, 2-3 days earlier...

(This is a shaded area, with medium light soil and was sprinkled over with compost at seeding time...)

My question to everyone out there is:
What pleasant surprises/accomplishments have you observed in seeding,,, that was NOT done by following the standard advice of: "watering 2-3 times per/day and be careful to not let the soil dry out in between times"???

I think it would be helpful for everyone else to hear, from others, that seeding can be done successfully outside of ideal conditions...
Most of my lawns are irrigated, but the ones not irrigated I try to get in before the rain. we areaeeing decent results II tell people there is a quaranteed germination rate, that is it is viable seed. Once the seed gets moist germination starts, if it dries out the seed dies off its up to them to water.
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