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If you are inexperienced and unsure about grass seeding, then I would mention that 'aerating and seeding' is about the worst scenario for the seed...

If I were you, I'd go after the best possible conditions under which to get seed to grow... trying to learn the intricacies of what is the most favorable bed for the seed, by plunging through with and aerator and dumping seed, really is counterproductive...

What kind of turf do you have that the owner "Thinks" it needs aerating and seeding? Does this "Thinking" by the owner have "Reason" for this procedure?? or is it another "Imagined" procedure, by the h.o., that makes grass grow???

There are a number of sensible ways to prepare for overseeding that should be done first, before resorting to the less sensible idea of preparing a seed bed... there are a few scenarios in which aerating and seeding go together by necessity, but generally do NOT compliment one another...

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