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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
I do, but it can be rough when you are trying to put 1-11/2 lb of material per gallon into solution and the strainer basket is not that big. With good jet agitation, there is not much problem getting things into solution by pouring material slowly into the tank.
I personally believe Good Agitation is key to any liquid application. I don't ever want find a large residue in the bottom of my tank. First thing I do when hit a stop is flip on my PTO to agitate my tank that just sprayed a lawn. The tank in my Used TG/CL truck has 4 jets and a 25 GPM PTO driven pump. TG/CL has always had good equipment just Idiots for Spray Techs.

I must Mix my chemicals in a ground tank and pump them on board my TG/CL truck. Nature of the TG/CL operation and equipment. I use a 220 V Swimming pool pump which is chemical resistant. I also put 4 agitation Jets in my mix tank. The water looks like it is boiling.


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