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When I realized I could not get the fire put out and the mower was toast (Literaly). I threw a moving blanket over the fire (Back of mower). I grabbed the front of the mower - lifted the front and drug it out of the barn.

I have bought a new tiger cat from my scag dealer

I will eventually take this mower to the steel scrap yard and sell for scrap steel price. I plan to keep the blades and the deck spindles which will fit my new mower.

NOTE: The fire was HOT - AFRICA HOT. THe back of the mower was completely consumed and the fire was hot enough to melt the aluminum parts of the engine. I know nothing about hydro motors but I know they got really hot in this fire.

Serial: 6600906

Anyone who wants any parts from this mower, PM me and I'll pull them before I haul it to the scrap yard.

Orinicklawncare - I will pm you.

Thanks for your replys. PLEASE learn from my mistakes and be sure to keep fire extinguishers very handy.
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