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frustrated lawncare newbie

ok, I live on james island in south carolina. inherited my property about 6 years ago and when I started I almost had nothing but bare ground. I've been fertilizing/watering/etc ever since.

Finally got decent growth in the back and on the side of the house but cant get anything to grow in the very front...well sporadic weeds and various weed-type grasses...but mainly just desolate land.

I have very sandy soil. Its also very nutrient depleted. I did a soil test and the pH is at 4.5ish, nothing shows up for nitrogen or phosphorus. I get a very very faint reading on the potassium.

my one hydragea plant has deep blue flowers...

I've been reading online and it seems I should use dolomitic lime (for the magnesium which helps binding, etc). My land is a50'x150' lot.

what rate should I add the lime to the yard? I have a scotts handheld spreader and one of the push type. I've always just applied everything with the handheld (since I can control where it flies...not onto my concrete) at the max setting of 5.

also, what would be the best to use for raising nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium? I've read dont use chemical fertilizers as they contain NH4 which will also raise acidity.

I know it will probably take me some time/several applications before anything starts to grow or the soil recovers as well.

what are the pro's thoughts on the REVIVE product as well?

I have sooo many questions but I figure getting the pH to a more neutral state would be my best starting point.
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