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I have decided to completely re-write my site. I will share it on this thread when complete. It will have a very similar look, but with a lighter background (easier to read), easier navigation, h1 tags for every page, text galore, and minimal graphics with the exception of my Portfolio page. I am also writing it with a master page as the framework. My current site was designed with everything based on my home/index page. Every page that was added (Services, Products, etc.) was created by copying/pasting my Index page data, and then changing what was on each page to suit it.....I think this was one of my biggest mistakes because it screwed with the code by making it messy and low-ranking.
Tonygreek, I appreciate your info. Clearly, your knowledge of html coding is proficient. I am highly contemplating about doing away with the newsletter. I might have a link that will allow people to subscribe to a newsletter sent via email. I tried the whole blog thing (Wordpress) and just can't commit to it--got too much going on. Updating my Deal of the Month on a monthly (currently quarterly) basis should keep the site fresh. I have a few more goodies in store that will both look clean, and be useful to my company.
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