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I am also writing it with a master page as the framework.

Great idea. It will make your life much easier and significantly lower your frustration levels.

I might have a link that will allow people to subscribe to a newsletter sent via email.

Great way to engage, and up-sell, current customers. Summer, start educating on Fall services, related information, and so on.

I tried the whole blog thing (Wordpress) and just can't commit to it--got too much going on.

One trap people fall into is thinking that a blog is a blog is a blog. If you look at it more in the light of adding/expanding content, you can see great organic search results. Instead of thinking you have to write about something in an article fashion, why not create a new subpage about a keyword in any of your service pages and link from there?

For example, on your current services page, you have "Irrigation Systems" listed, with a following sentence of "Our systems are designed to maximize efficiency and have uniform coverage.". This is ripe for linking a subpage via some keyword rich phrase, such as "uniform irrigation", educating your potential customer with exactly what that means and entails.

I have a few more goodies in store that will both look clean, and be useful to my company.

Looking forward to watching the progression and seeing what you come up with.

Tonygreek, I appreciate your info. Clearly, your knowledge of html coding is proficient.

Any time. And I'll be passing this along to my Mom. lol
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