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Originally Posted by Brules View Post
I am in the same boat as you and am looking closely at the Husq 570, & Echo 770. I am leaning strongly towards the Husq 570BTS as it fits me well, I like the air filter better, the straps make the unit fit better and it has enough MPH/CFM to move my 2-3' deep piles of leaves.

I eliminated the Stihl, as I spoke with 2 of my local dealers and both said "Yes, you will need to do a valve adjustment at some point". So it is off my list.....

After trying on both, I think the Husq is more comfortable, and the beast of a filter that is easy to change out give it a leg up in my opinion for my needs.

I will be buying on in the next 10 days as the leaves are starting to fall!
OP- The Husky's have a back cooling system as well, and it works too.

Darryl has alreay posted a bunch of useful links for anyone here to read, but I will just say that I have ran both the Echo 770 and then the 570, and I bought the 570. It may have similar specs on paper, but it is a different story out in the field. It blows harder than the 770.

Originally Posted by lawns Etc
The Stihl valve adjustment is 15-30 minutes topps only needs doing once after 25 or so hours.
Not correct. Its right in all their manuals- 139 hours or as needed.
No one should be put off by the valve adjustment on the Stihl. It is a one time thing, and for many guys, it won't need to be done for a couple/few years. They recomment doing it at 139 hours, or as needed, meaning if the machine starts getting hard to start or running sluggishly.
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