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New eXmark Lazer

Well, I worked with a friend today to help him with a major client. The grass was high and there was acres of it. So I used the BB Outlaw Stander to do a rough cut to knock the grass down, and he came behind me with his eXmark Lazer 60" EFI to put down a finish cut. It worked out Great! So the BB Stander has a purpose... It's a Great fast moving rough cutter.

So after we were done, he liked how the Stander could get into and out of tight spots, so we talked about trading his backup eXmark Lazer 48" (180-hours) for the BB Stander (52-hours). So, if all goes well, in the next day or so I may end up with the eXmark I started the year off driving. Perfect size for my needs, it has a Great QOC, and since I'm the one that put a lot of those hours on it, I know it can handle my weight and do a beautiful job.

Peace Out...
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