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Originally Posted by CL&T View Post
I think it's a stretch to say that ethanol has been in gasoline since the early 90's. I remember going from lead to MBTE. That disaster was banned starting in 2004 and replaced with ethanol, another disaster.

You also can't compare the use of dry gas. A few ounces added to a tank of gas- the percentage would hardly approach the 10% and up we have to deal with today. Further, I doubt anybody used it for small engines.

So your statement that small engine manufacturers have had 30 years to figure how to make their equipment run well on gas/alcohol mix is hardly inaccurate.
Yeah, 8oz of methanol fuel treatment in a 20 gallon tank is no where close to 10%. This was used to absorb water due to condensation which would help the water mix with the fuel since it attaches itself to the alcohol. I too can only remember ethanol being added to fuel within the last 10 years...
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