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ive definatly considered all the options youve mentioned. i cant find one to rent. only the walk behind leaf vacs. nothing as of yet on craigslist been checking past few days within a couple hours of my house. although there was one tow behind unit a couple hours away for 2500 but it really didnt tickle my fancy. not when i can get a new one truck mounted for around that. Any landscapers i know personally dont have a loader vac either. Unless some local guys on here wana chime in!! i searched out some other companies but havent landed on one yet that can accomodate me. probably cost me an arm and a leg knowing the prices around here. i just drove by a dump truck with a tow behind loader on the way home. made me jelous. i was at my propery in question today and leaves are already coming down good. in the next few weeks its guna be a mess. i gotta figure something out soon. i can definately afford the blower system new. ive been saving my business money all year and barely paying myself anything. the place i called talked me out of the billy goat. said the LW was better. but who knows. i gotta do some more calling around today
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