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what's your costs?

I find it interesting at how varying prices are even within my company's own service area.... curious to see what it is around the rest of the country.

Here's some generalized specifics about the area we service in southern WV and southwest VA.

Insurance (commercial)

- 2 vehicles '04 Chevy 1 ton dually and '06 Chevy 1/2 ton ext cab, full coverage approx $1300/year.

- liability $2m/$1m approx $500/year.


- accountant quarterly and year end taxes $450/year approx.

- fuel (gas) $3.42 - $3.99 /gal... (diesel) $3.89 - $4.19 /gal.

- houses (my specific zip code)... typical "middle class" 2,500sq ft. sub-division 2 story on a 1/3 acre lot $200k approx.

- sales tax 6% collected for the gov...

- average price for services... we don't unload at a residential for under $35.

- dealer pricing... we deal 90% with exmark mowers and our dealer is roughly $500 below retail pricing... echo handhelds about $30 cheaper than retail

- generalized area info... 1.5 hours from Roanoke, VA... 1.5 hours from Charleston, WV.... 1.5 hours from Bristol VA/TN. A geographic oddity! Within 40 miles there are probably a few hundred thousand, within 20 miles probably 40k.

- our service area is basically 5 counties with residential only in 2 and commercial only in the other 3.

I'm leaving out tons of other stuff, but you all can get a rough idea of cost of living around here.
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