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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
I should have included this and mind you it is NOT directed at anyone, just a thought that came to my head. I'm more curious for those who are far over the "partying" age, not living in mommy and daddy's basement, have a family, mortgage, and true monthly bills like utilities, life insurance, grocery, etc.... Basically someone who has more obligations than to just themselves. If you're single or just in a relationship it's easy to jump ship at whatever you do as there are only consequences against yourself. Also really looking for career people who left their career, not a meat packing plant packer or general laborer. I know it sounds harsh but puts it into more perspective. Leaving fast food to cut lawns really isn't what I was asking....
well i did leave a career to do this.

i worked for a local carwash chain. i was at the level of manager trainee just about ready to be promoted to assistant manager when i made the decision to leave.

this carwash has like 40+ locations. 6 in my city and the rest are in other citys.

as far as your comments about not living at home and having real bills. i know you weren't directing it towards anyone personally but i can't help but notice the comment as most know i live with my parents. but they should also know i've said time and time again i split most everything with my parents 50/50. i pay all home utilities, electrical, water, gas, cable, phone, internet, food. i also split the mortgage 50/50. plus i have my own bills like car insurance, health insurance.

so yes i don't have a wife and kids to support or a girlfriend to spend money on but i do have all the other stuff you talk about and i did 6 years ago when i left the carwash as well.

plus i've lived on my own before. it's not like i've been living with my parents all my life. i spent a good 4 years away from home. so i do know what its like.

but like you said, it wasn't directed towards a specific person.
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