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Originally Posted by gcbailey View Post
The only and absolutely only time I have saw where an extremely large LCO like Brickman hasn't won a bid is when it is a private/non-for-profit and you know someone(s) on the inside with a lot of pull.

I honestly don't see how even these large companies can make the money when they are throwing 15/20 guys at it even paying them minimum wage and checking green cards... I guess they are just pushing pure volume and quantities....
Its all about pure volume. Valley crest and TruGreen each gross about a Billion dollars a year in revenue. They obviously dont do it from one single branch. Each branch grosses approx. 3million give or take depending on the branch. In order to compete with them you have to be doing at least over a million. Sometimes they under bid the maintenance work on properties and they pick up the slack with irrigation repairs, color installations and enhancement work.
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