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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
well just a call yesterday to bid on a house not far from mine with a 300ft plus driveway, and they wanted a price for shrub pruning and fall clean up and mowing, and this house has over 250,000 in stone work and another 100,000+ in landscaping, with over 100 shrubs that need pruning. and I received a voice mail from a condo complex with 54 units in which for me would be my biggest property the mowing is going to be very tricky, lots of little areas that will require me to buy a push mower, this property has over 200 shrubs that need pruning and both want a price for snow, the residential is easy i'm quite sure i nailed that one, the commercial, i just looked at today and its nothing difficult, but not what i'm used to, this is gonna take a little thinking to bid properly and not lose my shirt, also their main reason for wanting someone new is the current company's employee do a terrible job and don't speak english, so there is very little communication. and they have destroyed alot of curbs and a few garage doors.
Good work man, hope you get them both.
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