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It's just odd to see guys such as yourself living at home with mom and dad and others who in 5+ years are running a $500,000 to $1 million dollar business (although few). This is the question to seek the answer to before any decisions get made. What makes that person better than you or anyone else that they have a live and viable business and you and others need to live with their parents? Business is booming for them and your struggling to make ends meet that it's keeping you at home. Unless you're there for other reasons. Are they better business people? Was it luck? Was it their passion? Better advertising? Better people skills. I mean my friend who is part time does $60k+ each year, mainly lawn and maintenance work.. Are you not making that full time??? I just wonder what the actual business sense is on this site. Are the majority sick of minimum wage so $2 above minimum is better? Or is it just that complicated to make money in this industry? I have to say its not based on my friends business and his part time income. YardGuy, I'm not pointing at you but your situation makes me wonder how many people don't find success and why is it they don't when others flourish?
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