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Originally Posted by GreenIndustryAssociates View Post
I don't know how much things have changed in JDL the last couple years. I worked for them for 5 years, first as an assistant manager when it was Lesco, then as a branch manager for a couple years after JDL acquired them. When I was there we would drop our pants for a good customer, yes we had to make a profit at the end of the day. But if a customer told us that he was buying something for 25% less than us, we would drop the price to meet it. A situation like Ric's above, we would have rathered sold it cheap to barely make a profit, if that meant that we would gain the loyalty of the customer, and we could make money on other sales to them. But a lot of that comes down to what the area managers and regional vp's allow the store managers to do. I have chosen not to do business with them since I started my business, but I have run in to a couple of the branches over the bast couple years and talking to the guys I have seen things have definitely changed.
Can you shed any light on the seemingly arbitrary pricing? I understand that prices change over time, but I could buy something one day and go back the next to get more and have a 30% difference in price...almost like they just made it up. That's why, as I mentioned early, I began placing my orders through the website, where the prices were stable....not always the same but not with with wild flucuations at the store.
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