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Originally Posted by rlmlandscape View Post
Was wondering from the guys out there who remove leaf piles for homeowners if it's really worth it. I heard from one of my buddies that it wasn't but I've also known him to price cheaply. I run a f350 dump with a 20hp towable leaf loader that can load up a normal lots leaves in 45min-1hr, and was thinking around $150 per house to pick up the leaves (I do have a place to dump for free). Was wondering if advertising for this would be worth it or you guys feel the money isn't there?
I have done a lot of home owner pile pick-ups. My biggest problem was the home owner would put the piles where they are hard for you to get to, they would rake all the crap from the yard into the pile. You have to watch for bottles, cans, rocks and chunks of wood that could do damage to your truck loader. In years past there was a lot of calls for pile pickup but now most home owners ask for a fall cleanup.
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