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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
Can you shed any light on the seemingly arbitrary pricing? I understand that prices change over time, but I could buy something one day and go back the next to get more and have a 30% difference in price...almost like they just made it up. That's why, as I mentioned early, I began placing my orders through the website, where the prices were stable....not always the same but not with with wild flucuations at the store.
I have no clue why that was happening to you. The last computer system we had when I was there automatically brought up the price based on your customer level, the higher your purchasing history the higher level you were and the greater discount you got. 9 times out of 10, we would overrule that price and lower it because the defaulted price was not competitive with local competition. We would simply look at the customers history and adjust the price to the same as what was last paid. Occasionally we would forget to double check the last paid price and run with the defaulted. I don't know if that was what happened in this case.
Did you bring it to their attention? Did they give you an answer to why they charged more?

There are some great differences in the service level between branches, for the most part if you are a loyal customer you will get the best service. I had guys who spent only 5-10k a year who would get a delivery before another who spent 40k because the smaller guy was more loyal and a pleasure to work with. Like I said in my other post, a lot of what happens there rest on the upper management and not on the branch manager or others in the branch. It was a great company when it was Lesco, the branches had alot more control then. After becoming JDL a lot of the power left the mangers and area mangers hands and went up to the VP's
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