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I will say one thing...working with cool season turf grass seeds/dormancy properties is a walk in the park compared to getting a full blown diverse prairie established from seed.

I will say on my own personal land here in Iowa I see warm season, native grasses thriving on extremely poor hard pan/gravel soils out by the road ditch. Mosey on over to a nice shady area with black soil and the cool season turf is fit as a fiddle.

The battle is won if you can seed into habitats that will support the species you have chosen to plant. The seeding is a synthetic way of recreating the natural seed rain of you want to seed at a time when the species you are planting rains seed naturally IMO....and it's not a quick one time deal in nature. Perhaps we should experiment with three light seedings spread out through several months and compare that to a one time seeding. There may be something beneficial happening with long-term turf health with different establishment timing/ what was the question
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