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Need help on fall weed control

First of all, I am not licensed....have no idea about any kind of spray except 2-4-d. My mom wants me to spray her little yard (1/4 acre) for weeds. I've always used those little bottles you screw into your hose for my weed ok, nothing great. I live in a rural area and everyone and his brother uses 2-4-d on their farms and such. I was told to use that. I know very little about it other than everyone uses it and is happy with it.

What is the best stuff I can put on my mother's yard (mine too for that matter) that I can get without a license? Prefer granules if it's possible to find. I hope I don't get any kind of gang warfare going on my for this post. It's not a money job, just a favor for momma......just like the tree trimming job is gonna be (and I'm not looking forward to that one)....just like the gutter cleaning is gonna be. Ya'll know how it goes.

Thanks in advance
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