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Originally Posted by Cadzilla View Post
I assumed it was minor because you...being a lawn care professional would have noticed the damage pretty quick and you did say you sprayed it with something as a curative.

So I assumed your damage on 2 acres was minor.

I'm just not as quick to blame others when something goes wrong and you really have real data or quantitative reason to start questioning Imidicloprid.

One thing to remember is that Merit fert combo products are genearlly meant to be applied at the full 1lb fert rate, so any less than 1lb of N will get you less than labeled rate on Merit.

It happens.


This thread has been very informative though I'm not sure why all of a sudden I'm getting insulted. I guess its the drawback to a big site like this that attracts a little bit of everything.

FYI as a lawn care professional I did notice the damage early on and it was isolated to only 1000sf. But I sampled the entire complex and realized infestation was throughout. That's why I had to apply curative to the whole property.

Also as a lawn care professional I know how to spell Imidacloprid lol.

So just relax...
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