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Originally Posted by xtreem3d View Post
Blakescape me out here .... go here plug in the figures needed CF 8317, VPM 90 , OP LB 529 I come up with an amplitude (Imperial not metric) of 209.129 in. That can't be correct...209 inches....I am thinking the VPM are wrong because they are so low ?
yeah I think they made a mistake with the vpm. Hertz is the number of cycles per second. The number they give is 90Hz or (90 cycles/sec) which you need to convert to cycles per minute or vibrations per minute. There are 60 seconds in a minute so (90 cycles/sec)*(60 sec/min) = 5400 cycles/min or vibrations per minute. So when you plug in CF 8317 lbs, Operating weight of 529 lbs, and 5400 vpm, you get 1.48 mm.
Amplitude is measured from the equilibrium point to the peak of the wave (picture below). That means for each cycle, the plate is traveling up 1.48mm from the equilibrium point 0, back down 1.48mm to 0, then 1.48mm below 0 and then back up to the equilibrium point. So the total distance the plate travels from highest point to lowest point (peak to peak) is double the amplitude (2*1.98 mm = 2.96 mm total).
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