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Originally Posted by CL&T View Post
I think it's a stretch to say that ethanol has been in gasoline since the early 90's. I remember going from lead to MBTE. That disaster was banned starting in 2004 and replaced with ethanol, another disaster.

You also can't compare the use of dry gas. A few ounces added to a tank of gas- the percentage would hardly approach the 10% and up we have to deal with today. Further, I doubt anybody used it for small engines.

So your statement that small engine manufacturers have had 30 years to figure how to make their equipment run well on gas/alcohol mix is hardly inaccurate.
Not a stretch and I did not say ethanol I said alcohol since the early 90's.
MTBE which had methanol as the form of alcohol was chosen by the Fed Gov/EPA to be mixed in the gas at 5%. In 1992 I sat in the class at a General Motors Training Center. Things I have been stating were taught to me there.

Then methanol was replaced with ethanol when MTBE was banned. Since the 90's when alcohol was added to fuel whether methanol then later ethanol you could not buy gas that was alcohol free where I live. Small engine manufacturers have had 30 years to get ready. They chose to drag their feet.

If alcohol was so harmful, people had no problem putting in two cans at a time of dry gas, isopropyl alcohol, in their gas tanks.
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