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Originally Posted by kawakx125 View Post
are you saying that the gasoline demand has gone down? i'm talking about the steep increase in price of diesel just in the past 10 years, compared to gasoline. 10 years ago diesel was much cheaper than gasoline, now its more expensive.
Can you point out where I said gasoline cosumption has gone down?

I do know that every decade there are more cars on the road then the previous one.

I do know that big luxury cars in the late 1950's and 1960's got 12 mpg.
That luxury sedans today get double that.
That my 2001 full sized suburban will get 20.7 mpg

What I don't know is how much increased cars and light trucks on the road is offset by much better gas mileage to say exactly how much gas consumption has grown.

What I did point out was a response to why diesel demand has geatly increased and this is why diesel costs more the gasoline. That there are so many more diesel trucks every decade since the 1940's. Where by the 1970's so many types of truck beside 18 wheelers have gone to diesel power.
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