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im good with carbs been messin with them since i can remember. so that wont be an issue. hopefully it starts up with some fresh fuel though. CT is a drive. and im not a big road tripper. I actually paid a friend to drive 5 hours to pickup a motorcycle for me this summer. yea, its that bad.

How I found out about it was i was calling around all the different dealers today getting prices on the brands they carry. calling rental places. just calling everybody i could pretty much. i phoned a small outfit nearby that sells mower stuff, said he could probably order me one but then said last summer a guy came in and left his # saying if anybody was interested in buying a leaf loader that he had one forsale. I was skeptical that it would still be available, or if he'd even answer the phone for that matter but nonetheless i got the guys number and rang him up. He answered right away, said he still had it. said it was like brand new and almost never used since they bought it 2-3 yrs ago. said he forgot what they paid for it, doesnt know what its worth, not sure of exact model..just that it has the big v-twin motor. who knows what size it is til i get there. but said to just come check it out and make an offer. i would have headed out immediately but had a dinner to go to an hour later. so i'll be out there tomorrow to check it out. i'll let ya know how it goes
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