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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
I have a lot of experience with tunnel style commercial grade decks since I've owned several of them over the last decade.

I have one for my CUT that is a tunnel deck and 60" cut. Then I have my Z950 with the 60" Pro MOD deck. The tunnel deck will lay low any grass for sure, and cut cleanly, but it can't process material through as fast or as well in tall, and/or thick grass at the same speed as you can with one of the decks that are commonly used on most Z's will, ie; full depth over the entire cutting area.
then why would gravely make the shift?
Making the xfactor wider {with baffle adjustments} is pretty much making it
wider like the Pro Ride already has.

Your CUT is wide discharge, and overlapping blades to, no?

This is where the pro ride can claim "it will cut the tall growth at speed in one pass".
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