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... are you saying that the gasoline demand has gone down?
Yes. Actually it has because of more fuel efficient vehicles and less miles driven because of high gasoline costs. That has really thrown a monkey wrench into the government requirement of yearly increases in ethanol consumption. They were counting on increased gasoline consumption which is what they promised the "corn cartel". But the opposite happened and E85 never caught on which is why they are moving to up the ethanol percentage to 15%.

... i'm talking about the steep increase in price of diesel just in the past 10 years, compared to gasoline. 10 years ago diesel was much cheaper than gasoline, now its more expensive.
As much as I looked I really can't find a satisfactory answer to that. Low sulphur and increased consumption are factors. Some places say that refinaries are geared to gasoline production so diesel production is less but then I see that we produce more diesel than we use. So all I can think of is that somebody is making money off of it.
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