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Originally Posted by Brules View Post
You can't pin that solely on the dealer/BB - the guy is 300lbs and did not demo the mower.....

To the OP - you will be fine with your Outlaw. It is built tough, with good components. Do the proper maintenance and it should perform well enough for you to decide how far into it you want to go.
The op is at fault for not demo'n, but the dealer is at fault for just try to sell a product without any conscience for the customer. The dealer is also at fault for being dishonest.

Those are the facts.

Perform well enough, who wants a 10K machine that performs well enough. Thats what's wrong with this country, well enough.....

Winner and contractors who are successful don't show up with equipment to do the job well enough, we show up to be the best! Search my Ferris threads, ain't no BB coming close.....
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