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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
I have a lot of experience with tunnel style commercial grade decks since I've owned several of them over the last decade.

I have one for my CUT that is a tunnel deck and 60" cut. Then I have my Z950 with the 60" Pro MOD deck. The tunnel deck will lay low any grass for sure, and cut cleanly, but it can't process material through as fast or as well in tall, and/or thick grass at the same speed as you can with one of the decks that are commonly used on most Z's will, ie; full depth over the entire cutting area.
I don't think that you can say with 100% accuracy that ALL tunnel decks are created equal, just like you can't say that all "full depth" decks are far as each ones different strengths and weaknesses.

I have 2 zts, one 60" Gravely Pro Ride (tunnel deck) and a Lastec 61" deck, full depth 6" tall deck. THe Pro Ride will handle thick,tall grass considerably faster than the Lastec will. The Lastec has plenty of power to not bog down but it can't cut clean at as fast of a speed in those type conditions. I know the bottleneck on that deck is the small discharge chute (about the size of an Exmark Ultracut deck)

When I tested the Scag Wildcat and my ProRide in the real tall, thick grass, which I admit was too thick and tall for any practical normal type comparisons; the Pro Ride handled the conditions better than the wildcat did. It was processing the grass clippings as fast or faster than the Scag deck, while cutting a little cleaner on the first pass also, and at a little faster speed, which was still pretty slow, in this instance.

Until you've tried (name your mower deck) side by side with the Pro Ride deck at the same time and experienced any differences between the two, in the conditions that were talked about inthe above posts, please don't assume that ALL Tunnel style decks will perform the same as the JD Tunnel decks that you've used. You can't make generalized statements about a particular style of deck and be totally accurate (especially if you've never used the Particular deck that "unit28" mentioned , which was the ProRide Deck.)

I know you're not suprised that I responded to your post, RG

I hope to test,demo another Scag with hte Velocity Plus deck , and if I can find a JD 7 Iron or a Hustler with the VX4 deck next spring or whenever possible along with my Pro RIde and compare the results again.

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