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Originally Posted by Ticolawnllc
I have a compact tractor with a lifting cap of 1000 lbs on the the fel. So if I get 1500 lbs actuator it should cover me, no?
No. The 1500 lbs rating of the actuator is the maximum force applied by the actuator itself. Connect it to something like a thumb, grapple or bucket and that force will greatly be reduced by leverage. Kind of an analogy is, you can hold a 75 lb weight with one hand close to your body with no problems, right? But hold that same 75 lb weight at arms length and it's damn near impossible unless you're a freak of nature. The same principle applies to cylinder selection. To get a 1000 lb lift capacity on your loader the cylinders that do the lifting must be able to apply many times that force at the cylinders themselves. A 1500 lb actuator connected to a grapple will probably only provide maybe 3-400 lbs. of force at the grapple tips, and that's not gonna be enough to work.
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