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Originally Posted by ArTurf View Post
How many apps of preventative do you put down? If more than one, at what intervals?
First our Climates are totally different as are Our soil. What works for me might not work for you. Or because I have a Year round Growing Season and soil My treatments might be a Over Kill for you.

I do between 6 and 8 treatments on Turf a year depending on the customer. Sept I will start my preventative Fungicide because it is Traditionally Sept 15th that our nights turn to the Lower 70's. (But Not this year) Remember Brown Patch is also Heat Sensitive. While Brown Patch is present in the summer, The high canopy Temperature of Summer suppress Brown Patch. BTW Sometimes called Winter Patch and now it is called Large Patch.

To me It is more important to study the Life cycles of Pests than it is to look at chemicals. By knowing your Climate and major known pests and when they express themselves, You have the upper hand. Chemicals Come and Go, but the Life Cycles stay the same. It is the Diagnosis of the problem that is the Problem in most cases. Once your Diagnosis is correct there is Standard Protocol for treating it. I not use IPM but I do use BMP (Best Management Practices) The big difference is I treat more Preventively than IPM or I pay Materials.


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