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i hear ya man. i can see how youd have to pick between one or the other. id probably pick the mower too. but if you saw the layout of the place i really need this for youd understand more why i need it. i have a part-timer. who just so happens to be my friend. so i use him on bigger jobs. ive used him all year with me when i was real busy and he has his own dump trailer which came in handy on a massive mulch job i had this summer. so ill have him tow my landscape trailer with mowers and baggers and ill tow the dump with the leave vac. last year i tied a big tarp and dragged it with my scag v-ride rather than physically having to drag it. works great. this loader wouldnt be for every job of mine. but i think it can have its place. getting a good deal on one will definately make me feel better about making the purchase.i was really borderline on buying one new. probably would have. but wouldnt have been to happy about it lol. and still who knows how this unit tomorrow will look. these commercial places i have are like a bunch of little units with postage stamp lawns and driveways all over. it would be simple to blow leaves to the roadway and drive through with the sucker. i cant hog around on the mower and mince them up i just dont see it working at this place. i just picture making an even bigger mess to clean up. im gettin the complex next door next yr and its the same deal there. and adding anothe place down the road. all same kind of layouts. this would be great for those places. i doubt id use this at even 1 of my residential accounts ever.
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