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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
I may be wrong about this, and someone can correct me if I am, but I believe that Gravely has had tunnel decks for some time now, in addition to the std X Factor deck design.

Yes, my CUT has a wide discharge opening, and a deep tunnel. To answer both you and Razorblades (who I knew would post), it may be true that you can't say that all tunnel decks are equal, but all you need to do is look at the gravely design to see it isn't much different from the deck on my CUT. BTW Razorblades, I've also owned Toro tunnel decks, so I'm not comparing only Deere decks.

Maybe I wasn't as specific as I should have been before, so let me say this another way- a tunnel deck can and will cut cleanly, and can handle tall thick grass as long as the power is there to run it, but when the grass is long and/or thick, and especially when damp, the full depth decks just handle the cut material better because there's far more room for it under the deck. You will normally see a much better discharge pattern (ie; even spread out, less to no clumping, and much more finely chopped clippings, though some decks like the V+ send the clippings out fairly long too) with a full depth deck because of the fact that it can handle more material at one time, providing the discharge openings and blades etc are all equal.

There's a good reason that the full depth deck has become the industry standard on commercial machines. If the tunnel deck were equal to, or superior to a full depth deck for high material volume cutting at speed, you can bet the industry would be using them instead, or at least offering them as an option on commercial Z's, which they aren't outside of Gravely.
IMO, the main reasons for the full depth deck being the "Industry Standard" on commmercial mowers is not because they excel at cutting tall,thick grass at high speed, it's because they are more versatile, being able to Side discharge, mulch or use a bagger with. Also because they chop up the clippings more doesn't hurt either.

What actual percent of Commercial ZTs sold do you think are sold with the MOST important reason being because of how well they cut tall, thick grass?
Less than 20%, I'd say.

Why don't you see if you can find an Everride Warrior or a Gravely Pro Ride to demo, use borrow rent etc... next to your JD ZT. That is what I did in the summer with the Scag Wildcat. I know what my experience was between the two. Wouldn't you say that hte Velocity plus deck will discharge as well, if not better in tall,thick grass than a JD 7 Iron. Ive read quite a few pepoles experiences that have used both that have said the Velocity plus discharges a little better than the 7 iron in those conditions.

I just think that you're wrong to assume that the Pro Ride or EverRide Warrior will perform nearly the same as the other Tunnel decks that you've used in the past. You could be right but until you've tried the EverRide Gravely deck side by side with your JD, you just don't know for sure. I bet the EverRide Pro Ride deck also has a good bit larger opening than the JD or Toro tunnel decks.

Sorry guys, for hijacking the thread but I will defend my experiences against others that make generalizations about certain types of equipment that my experiences didn't bear out the same results that are claimed by others.
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